Friday, November 26, 2010

Age is not a factor, you are the factor

These days I have always been blaming that age has come to play a part in why I cant do this or why I cant do that..

Well in reality yea it does play a little part like we might get injured easily or its harder for us to heal back..but when we got into this sport didnt we already know the risks that was involved already?

Like we know when we toss a girl 5-6 feet up the air, dint we already know the risk of her not coming to our cradle could be a matter of life and death but what did we do? We learn to be safe and professional cheerleaders to learn that we need to catch the flyer after we toss her. After much practice over and over again, now I can safely say that when flyers go up in the air, with the proper mind set and training about 95% of the time we will ensure that the girl does not touch the floor.

Same thing with our age, vulnerability to injury and all in the mind.

If we do not allow ourselves to get injured, wont we be constantly careful in what we do so that we do not allow ourselves to get injured?

If we tell ourselves to heal faster...somehow the placebo effect plays a part as well to make our body heals faster as well..or rather in the first place if you are with right mind set you will not allow urself to get hurt because you SIMPLY DID NOT ALLOW it to happen.

Maybe when our bodies are breaking then we might be saying..time has catch up to us...I would just like to ask myself and also all Cheerleaders like me out age really the factor for you being unable to do a stunt,jump,tumbling sequence or is it really you who is the factor?

Food for thought..

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday XingWei!

A little post to say Happy Birthday to Xingwei on turning 28!

He is a good example for the saying "You are never too OLD to cheer!"

This may come as a little late, but may you excel in everything you do! And may lady luck shine on you as you enjoy your exciting life to come!

Happy Birthday XingWei from Team ASTROS! :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Next Training

Normal Training
Date: 181110, Thursday
Venue: NTU HSS
Time: 10pm ~ 12 midnight

Everyone is welcome to join us for training. Just drop us a msg/email/tag etc.

Friday, November 12, 2010

ASTROS @ HPB National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign Performance

Last Sunday Astros did a performance for HPB National Healthy Lifestlye Campaign with SM Goh Chok Tong as the guest of honour. The first leg of our 3 almost back to back performances.

We also incoporated some new stunts and transitions, stay tuned for more coming soon.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Next Training!

Performance + normal training
Date: 111110, Thursday
Venue: NTU HSS
Time: 10pm ~ 12 midnight

Time for some serious workout tonight! We need to get rid of the extra calories gained from last night's XLB session. Let's get ready for 33.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Astros at RWS!

(Sorry this entry is very late)
Astros were engaged to perform at a Mixed Martial Arts Fighting Championship at Resort World Sentosa last month!
This seminar room was our holding area.

Huihui bought donuts for everyone, thankyou!! :D

Us girls spent almost an hour in the toilet making up!

Xingwei decided to stunt with the table while waiting around. Soon it was time to warm up! Beneath the beautiful starry lights!
And we took awesome group photos there!

Waiting to perform!

Practising dance last minute!
Peeking in at the martial arts competition that was going on!

Since the fighters seemed to KO very fast, it was soon our turn to perform!

Happy that the performance for day 1 is over! :D

Thanks wenliang for rushing down to spot us!!

The agreement for that day was that we'd camwhore with stunts the next day, but somehow we just had to stunt a little bit!

Time for a hearty meal after putting up a good performance! Off to lao pa sat we went!
Ruth and yuenbo have such cute haversacks!


Love this photo!!

RWS Gig Day 1, success!!

RWS Day 2!

Compass ballroom was where we performed at! Day 2 was the finals of the mixed martial arts competition, so there was a bigger audience, and we saw elvin ng! :D

Day 2's video is still with the event organiser, but the performance went well!

So after the performance it was time for more photos!! Wheeee.



Kaibin hiding from some crazy stunt he himself suggested :P

More! But well, it doesn't look that nice 'cause of our difference in heights and distances. And leg lengths. :(
Getting ready for mass partner stunts photos. Cupies!
And again,
The pretty girls. Hehee.

KC failing terribly in attempt(s) to take a handstand photo with xingwei. :P
Couple photos! But kaibin and kahweng forgot to take. ;)

Took a photo with one of the fighters! Forgot his name and lost his namecard though, whoops. He struck a rather nice high v!
Attempted an arty b toss shot.

We could stay there forever and ever taking all sorts of stunt phots, but we had another destination so we decided to pack up and leave!

Back view of our jackets :) Both designed by yod!
The aces girls :)
On our way to our next photo shoot venue.

Nope not here but we stopped by to take some photos!
Btw, thanks wenliang and daniel for coming down to spot us!
The universal studios globe!

Extensions! Heelstretches!

Bow and arrow!
Liberty on liberty! haha Scorpion!
Toss cupies!
Thanks kerry for the funny video that won xingwei's video of the month!
And finally some non stunt photos!

Good job and thanks to everyone who made this experience fun and successful! :))