Astros Cheerleading Team does external performances and events. We take pride and put in our utmost efforts to make our routine flexible and tailor made. You can always expect high flying and entertaining performances. Below are videos of our past performances.

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05March'10 - Astros at Swissotel Tupperware Slimlite Launch Event (9-man routine)

12Feb'10 - Astros at Shingda Construction CNY DND (11-man routine)

05Dec'10 - Astros at Marina Barrage I Luv V Event (8-man routine)

05Dec'10 - Astros at Standard Chartered Marathon 2nd Performance (10-man routine)

05Dec'10 - Astros at Standard Chartered Marathon 1st Performance (10-man routine)

04Dec'10 - Astros at FMC Tech Dinner & Dance (7-man routine)

30Nov'10 - Astros at Hong Leong Dinner & Dance (9-man routine)

26Nov'10 - Astros at SISEU 29th Anniversary Dinner & Dance (10-man routine)

12Nov'10 - Astros at Sales Force Dinner & Dance (8-man routine)

10Nov'10 - Astros at KFC-Pizza Hut Dinner & Dance (10-man routine)

07Nov'10 - Astros at HPB National Healthy Lifestyle Campaign (10-man routine)

15/16Oct'10 - Astros at Mixed Martial Arts Finals in RWS (12-man routine)

09Oct'10 - Astros at Amico Orchard Central Event (5-man routine)

02Oct'10 - Astros at Break Dancing School Family Day (5-man routine)

18Sep'10 - Astros at Tetra Pak Family Day (6-man routine)

08Aug'10 - Astros at YOG Torch Relay Event (8-man routine)

25Jul'10 - Astros at Shape Run 2010 (10-man routine)