Friday, December 31, 2010

Cupie after performance

Wanted to post something and came across this video we took a couple of months back. It was the usual photo taking after a performance but we decide to have some more fun this time, and burn some calories first before our XLB buffet.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas to all...

From Team ASTROS to everyone out there...

Here is wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May you receive all the presents you ever wanted and everything that you wish you could have (excluding me "KNS") and that you can spend time with friends, family and loved one.

Start making those new year resolutions since its just around the corner. And be prepared to uphold them!

Once again! Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful holiday!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

ASTROS Members

We just added a members profiles page recently. Do check it out to get to know more about ASTROS members.

You can click on the above tab or here:

Cheerleading is for all Ages, Sexes and Sizes!

I saw this Family of cheerleaders back in CAIO 2009 and they were immensely popular and entertaining. This is from HYB's trip to the 2009 Summer Camp and this is also what he brought back - Precious footage of this incredible family.

By the way, the father is quite a senior IFC Spotter at the competition.

Immensely Cute and kawaiiii !

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The "Debut"!

Friday was ASTROS 1st performance wearing our swanky new uniforms! A touch of Gold, Silver and Blue plus a whole lot of green was the color for the evening!

We performed @ the Klapsons Hotel (never heard of this place until then), and I can say has been one of the best performances for us, not to mention a serious CHALLENGE when it came to performing!

Pretty pretty lights to make the sign on the floor, not sure if you all noticed this as we were leaving.

"EZRA/EMAS! Together we own the roads!" (Thanks Kaibin, now I will forever remember this tag line...>.<''')

Once again, shots of our sexy girls before they changed into their uniforms. Now my targets are more and more aware when I am around and almost ALWAYS manage to pose for the shot. Basket now want to get un-glam shots also hard!

I thought this photo interesting, Jia Hui looks like she is wearing boots!

Like I was telling them, the last time they competed on the same mats and even performed together in the same uniform was like 2-3 years ago! Glad to see that you can still cheer regardless of age!

The biggest "challenge" of the night was not the stunts but rather the SUPER SMALL area to perform in. I remember walking into the room, seeing the stage and going "#$%^ SO SMALL? HOW to ^%$#&*( Perform sia!?" (of course all this was only said in my mind).

The stage as you can see from above, it at most 2 mats (2 meters) wide and 4 mats (4 meters) long! A worth challenge indeed! I never performed on such a small area before!

A good cheerleader always does her warm-ups! (Not featured in picture, Neville stretching as well.)

I wonder what Kaibin was trying to impress Jia Hui with...He claims it is electric guitar playing...CLAIMS...

Soon to be spokes people for "Tiger Beer" once we get our "Tiger Van"...

Headed out to some Sky Garden like place to take some photos with the spectacular view. These are the very first stunt photos in our new uniforms.

The flyers were especially afraid to stunt that day since we were 29 stories up, and on hands they could see the view of the AYE and PSA. Just look at Ruth's expression tells all.

In the end also still do, Ruth where you pointing at??? The camera is OVER HERE LAH!

Group shot without photographer.

With photographer. I look like a drug addict in this shot! O_o

The things that beer makes people do...

o be honest, they really look like Power Rangers wrist tape and all! (Tommy the green ranger!)

The return of Siderman.

As usual sexy and pretty. (The girls say that I always say that but I don't mean it, haiz, really sexy and pretty thats why say sexy and pretty what! If not ugly and fat meh!?)

I think the best part of the day was when the PIC said to us : "Hey guys, you can help yourselves to some of the food!" The sparkle in everyones eyes was HOW bright.

You should have seen Xuewei's eyes how big the moment she saw the desserts section :)
(She loves sweet stuff)

Yuenbo being traumatized by a random butt.

Thanks KC for coming all the way down from work to join us! And of course your lovely girlfriend.

That about sums it up for this ASTROS uniform debut performance! Would like to give special thanks to Yod-doi (our ex-coach) who helped us to design and make the uniforms! Thanks Yod! If your reading this, we waiting for you to come and perform with us OK!

Just some shots below to show the spectacular view of the surrounding area from the hotel!

Jia Hui go China, Yuenbo and Ruth going Indonesia, enjoy your holidays there guys! See ya all when you are back!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A visit from a someone far far away...

Today we had a special guest attend ASTROS training!

Jared from Infinity Cheer arranged to come down to have a go at some stunts and show us his POWER-NESS (as people usually call it) or ZAI-NESS (as Singaporeans call it) in tumbling as well as sharing his past experiences and cheerleading and gymnastics and his plans on helping to improve Singapore's cheer scene!

All in all, it was a great training to get to train with someone from aboard and bear witness to some amazing stunts and tumbles!

The man himself! Mr. Handsome I am so AWESOME!

Relating his life story to the eager listeners...

Trying his hand at stunting with a few of the ASTROS flyers.

Cupie-Lib with Ruth!

Group shot with Team ASTROS. From left to right.
Neville, Xuewei, Xingwei, Jared (guest), Kerry, Kelvin Chen (KC), Jia Hui, Kaibin, Ruth, Yuenbo.
(Not Present: Kahweng, Huihui, Heidi)

Lucky girls got cheer shirts from him!

Goes to say I always feel we have DAMN chio flyers in ASTROS!

On a side note, Team ASTROS got their uniforms today! After about 2-3 months of designing, deliberating, and contemplating, we got to wear our uniforms for the first time! And I must say, I think everyone is loving it!

Some model shots of some ASTROS members in their new uniforms!

M1 and F1 Hee Yuenbo and Ruth Goh, strutting their stuff out in their spiffy new uniforms. Mr. Hee's smile can melt the hearts of girls everywhere while Ms. Goh's killer figure can make guys go "WOW HOLY MOMA!" from miles away.

M2 and F2, Mr. Kelvin Chen, and Ms. Jia Hui (I don't know your surname!). Jia Hui's confidence pose and stature shows guys everywhere who's boss! Kelvin with his killer smile and handsome good looks shows guys that "Cute" is the new black!

F1, F2 and F3, Ms. Goh Xuewei, whose abs can put us guys all to SHAME!

Once again, would like to thank Jared for taking some of his precious time in Singapore (after coming all the way down from the US) to share his experiences in Cheerleading with us here at ASTROS!

From Team ASTROS! A big THANK YOU!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The day I slept the moment I touched the bed...

Last Sunday was what I would say, one of the most hectic days for ASTROS, it pretty much was a whole day event for most of the team with performances and just hanging out.

At night, ASTROS were guest performers for the "I Heart V", International Volunteer Day, this day remembers and gives thanks to all the volunteers who has help in anything, be it a large scale event such as YOG or even as simple as helping out at your neighborhood folks home.

I would say it was an exciting and exhilarating event, getting to watch other guest performers up on stage as well as ourselves, I am sure everyone had a great time. Check out some photos to see ASTROS in action!

I don't really know his name, but I know he is always around to help promote new-water!

Hey you! Thats right, I am looking @ you. Don't you think KC looks damn cool!

I always think that our ASTROS flyers are SIIII-Beh pretty and sexy.

What is cheerleading without stunt photos!

Seems to be a trend these days that flyers all want to take scorpion photos! Haha!

I really like the above picture, Ruth's expression is just damn zai!

Who says you can't do a cupie in a room with a low ceiling?

Xuewei's Layout...

Ruth's Toe-Touch!
Double Cupie! But going to attempt the 3 flyer cupie soon!

Neville Koh coming out of retirement.

Every cheerleaders best friend.

This was surprisingly savory!

KC always looks so happy when he is eating!

Some scenes from Marina Barrage, show what a beautiful place it is.

All in all it was a fantastic day, would like to thank the organizers of "I Heart V" for giving us a chance to be part of this charity event!