Friday, December 3, 2010

Things that make us smile...

Sometimes once in awhile, when we all sit down and look back at the things we have done, we often always remember how hard it was, how tired you were...sometimes, just remembering the little things that make us smile allows us to remember why we do what we do and enjoy ourselves while doing it!

As promised! The fabled Liu Xing Wei double cupie photo! Posted before the sun rises in the east...

Don't ask me why Heidi is doing that, and why Neville and Kaibin is staring @ her I have no idea...

Sometimes the stunts we do are not perfect to a T.

Graceful and swan like, ever wonder how the view is from up there bases?

One of the bases MOST important role, resisting, or as we usually call it, "Huan Chong" (not sure of the actual spelling).

Walking to hands...can you notice the abnormality in the picture?


Don't you always find toe-touches so fascinating?

Seems people like to always make faces when its training time, I wonder why...

Always remember the little things that make you smile, and that makes your day a little better :)

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