Thursday, December 9, 2010

A visit from a someone far far away...

Today we had a special guest attend ASTROS training!

Jared from Infinity Cheer arranged to come down to have a go at some stunts and show us his POWER-NESS (as people usually call it) or ZAI-NESS (as Singaporeans call it) in tumbling as well as sharing his past experiences and cheerleading and gymnastics and his plans on helping to improve Singapore's cheer scene!

All in all, it was a great training to get to train with someone from aboard and bear witness to some amazing stunts and tumbles!

The man himself! Mr. Handsome I am so AWESOME!

Relating his life story to the eager listeners...

Trying his hand at stunting with a few of the ASTROS flyers.

Cupie-Lib with Ruth!

Group shot with Team ASTROS. From left to right.
Neville, Xuewei, Xingwei, Jared (guest), Kerry, Kelvin Chen (KC), Jia Hui, Kaibin, Ruth, Yuenbo.
(Not Present: Kahweng, Huihui, Heidi)

Lucky girls got cheer shirts from him!

Goes to say I always feel we have DAMN chio flyers in ASTROS!

On a side note, Team ASTROS got their uniforms today! After about 2-3 months of designing, deliberating, and contemplating, we got to wear our uniforms for the first time! And I must say, I think everyone is loving it!

Some model shots of some ASTROS members in their new uniforms!

M1 and F1 Hee Yuenbo and Ruth Goh, strutting their stuff out in their spiffy new uniforms. Mr. Hee's smile can melt the hearts of girls everywhere while Ms. Goh's killer figure can make guys go "WOW HOLY MOMA!" from miles away.

M2 and F2, Mr. Kelvin Chen, and Ms. Jia Hui (I don't know your surname!). Jia Hui's confidence pose and stature shows guys everywhere who's boss! Kelvin with his killer smile and handsome good looks shows guys that "Cute" is the new black!

F1, F2 and F3, Ms. Goh Xuewei, whose abs can put us guys all to SHAME!

Once again, would like to thank Jared for taking some of his precious time in Singapore (after coming all the way down from the US) to share his experiences in Cheerleading with us here at ASTROS!

From Team ASTROS! A big THANK YOU!

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