Sunday, March 27, 2011

ASTROS is recruiting! Interested parties please kindly email us your details at the following email address:
Feel free to leave any query if you have any. Please do be patient with us if we do not revert immediately. Work, fyp, training and etc are consuming our time!!!

ASTROS @ next training:
Wednesday 30th March 20111, 8pm-10pm (after 10pm, it will be performance training)
Thursday 31st March 2011, 8pm-10pm (after 10pm, it will be performance training)
Venue: NTU HSS

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Congratulations to both ASTROS KnR and ASTROS XWonder for clinching the 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up position respectively in the SNCC 2011's Partner Stunt Category!
Good job!

A big thank you to all who have supported ASTROS in one way or another during this competition. We wouldn't have come so far without your encouragement.

THANK YOU SUPPORTERS, SPOTTERS, FANS, FRIENDS and ETC! And to my dearest ASTROS teammates, you all rock!

Lastly, ASTROS take the opportunity to thank the organizer (FCS and SSC) of SNCC 2011. They have done such a fantastic job despite being just their 2nd year of running the show. Things were so well-planned and everything was according to schedule!

That's all cheer folks.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

SNCC 2011

All the best to xingwei&xuewei, kahweng&ruth who will be representing Astros in the Partner Stunts Category at the Singapore National Cheerleading Championships!!
Also, good luck to all teams who're participating in SNCC!! Can't wait to watch everyone's awesome routines! :))

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stop! This is the police!

Last Friday we did a performance for the TP (Traffic Police) who most of our driving friends will know they are our best friends when it comes to fines and summons.

ASTROS have faced many difficulties such as small performance areas, pretty inconsiderate PIC's and a large array of injuries and falls. Now we can add this performance to that list!

Our dear friend Mr. Lin injured his back doing a SS for a Swedish Fall and in the end we had to ask Mun Choon to learn the routine in about 1/2 an hour. We started at about 9pm and our performance was at 1015pm! (Check out the video in our videos section to see how it turned out!)

Our pretty fliers again, as usual, you just can't get enough of them!

Our performance provider Vincent deciding to do a little dance while taking photos with Ruth!

I wonder if that is the real TP uniform or not? Apparently they had cheerleaders of their own.

Our dear friends from Wildcards Hann Bin and Winston (though he came a bit late) who helped spot during our performance.

Finally got people help me take stunt photo!

Once again we would like to thank Vincent for this lobang!

And also our many thanks to Hann Bin and his pretty pretty girl who can and helped out through spotting!

And KUDOS! To Mun Choon who actually managed to remember the routine in 30 min!! Unbelievable!

Good job ASTROS, seems we managed to pull through another exciting performance!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slim, slimmer, slimmest!

The previous Saturday ASTROS had yet another performance. This time it was @ Swiss Hotel and it was for a product called "Slimlite".

Slimlite! The products which help to make you lose weight! Pity that bases need a lower CG so that they can "dong" the high level partner stutns!

Mr. Hee coming straight from work with a hungry stomach, just catching a short break to revitalize, seems our ASTROS members are being known to be caught falling asleep in different places.

How can you say "NO" to those puppy eyes!!

The new spokes person for Slimlite!

Or maybe we should get Kahweng to be the spokes person instead?

The one thing that Singaporeans fear the most. BMI (Body Mass Index)

The moment of truth for our ASTROS flyers.

Performance means $$, and who can be our better friend than our very own "God of Fortune" dressed in a swanky red shirt as well!

Handing out wads of cash to eager ASTROS members.

Now you know what kind of face that Ruth likes the most on her BF.

We had a special guest that day *wink wink*

Whats the next best thing to getting money after a performance? Rewarding ourselves with great food is the next best! After all we are Singaporeans and we do like our money cold and our food hot!

That sums up this time rounds blog post! Once again like to thank Slimlite for giving us a chance to perform for them and hope we did introduce cheerleading into some of them!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Stand up...

I don't know how to get it linked so it shows the video. Haha, so much for being tech savvy.

I remember the first time I heard this song, was back in 2009, during training one day. I never really caught the drift of the song back then, it sounded like any other song, just that it used the word "champion" ever so often.

Then on the day of Cheerobics 2009, this is when the song made its biggest impression on me. It was not played during a routine, nor was it played when they gave out the trophy to the winning team.

But it was when the players of the NTU ACES Team White sang the song while holding the trophy, the trophy which they worked so hard for, and when they sang in union (more of the bases actually) that I suddenly realized the true meaning of this song. I remember Kahweng was the one who started singing the song (more of the chorus actually) then Kaibin, Lixiang, Daniel, ZhiHua started to sing it as well.

Every cheerleader knows how hard is it to be a cheerleader, the long hours, the blood, sweat, the tears, the pain...everything. No one knows how painful it is to be a cheerleader, only a cheerleader knows...

But through all these inconveniences, through all these obstacles, through all the sufferings, they pick themselves up. Again and again, one more time, one last time, just do it, don't hum ji, never try never die never know.

This is why the song means so much, champions pick themselves up, champions fall down, but they always stand up, champions never give up, champions never say die, champions JUST DO IT! (And if by now you have not listened to the song, its more of less the gist of it)

So always remember in the darkest of all times, when your path is dark and weary, when all hope seems lost, remember.

"I was born to be the best, number one and nothing less..."