Sunday, March 13, 2011

Stop! This is the police!

Last Friday we did a performance for the TP (Traffic Police) who most of our driving friends will know they are our best friends when it comes to fines and summons.

ASTROS have faced many difficulties such as small performance areas, pretty inconsiderate PIC's and a large array of injuries and falls. Now we can add this performance to that list!

Our dear friend Mr. Lin injured his back doing a SS for a Swedish Fall and in the end we had to ask Mun Choon to learn the routine in about 1/2 an hour. We started at about 9pm and our performance was at 1015pm! (Check out the video in our videos section to see how it turned out!)

Our pretty fliers again, as usual, you just can't get enough of them!

Our performance provider Vincent deciding to do a little dance while taking photos with Ruth!

I wonder if that is the real TP uniform or not? Apparently they had cheerleaders of their own.

Our dear friends from Wildcards Hann Bin and Winston (though he came a bit late) who helped spot during our performance.

Finally got people help me take stunt photo!

Once again we would like to thank Vincent for this lobang!

And also our many thanks to Hann Bin and his pretty pretty girl who can and helped out through spotting!

And KUDOS! To Mun Choon who actually managed to remember the routine in 30 min!! Unbelievable!

Good job ASTROS, seems we managed to pull through another exciting performance!

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