Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Slim, slimmer, slimmest!

The previous Saturday ASTROS had yet another performance. This time it was @ Swiss Hotel and it was for a product called "Slimlite".

Slimlite! The products which help to make you lose weight! Pity that bases need a lower CG so that they can "dong" the high level partner stutns!

Mr. Hee coming straight from work with a hungry stomach, just catching a short break to revitalize, seems our ASTROS members are being known to be caught falling asleep in different places.

How can you say "NO" to those puppy eyes!!

The new spokes person for Slimlite!

Or maybe we should get Kahweng to be the spokes person instead?

The one thing that Singaporeans fear the most. BMI (Body Mass Index)

The moment of truth for our ASTROS flyers.

Performance means $$, and who can be our better friend than our very own "God of Fortune" dressed in a swanky red shirt as well!

Handing out wads of cash to eager ASTROS members.

Now you know what kind of face that Ruth likes the most on her BF.

We had a special guest that day *wink wink*

Whats the next best thing to getting money after a performance? Rewarding ourselves with great food is the next best! After all we are Singaporeans and we do like our money cold and our food hot!

That sums up this time rounds blog post! Once again like to thank Slimlite for giving us a chance to perform for them and hope we did introduce cheerleading into some of them!

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