Monday, February 28, 2011

The Calling...

We all started somewhere once, this one place, which taught us everything we know today, which lead us to who we are, the place which changed and molded us in how we think, how we talk and how we behave. This one place that, no matter how hard you try to get away from, it always comes back to you, or rather, you always go back to it. This place so significant, that you cannot help but call it home.

Each of us may hail from different places. Each of us may call a certain place home. Though many of us have already left this place, moved on, seen bigger and better things, seen the world for what it really is, started a new place for ourselves, we never forget that once place where it all began.

And for me, that one place is ACES. The one place where I can undoubtedly call home, is ACES.

"For better or worse, through sickness and health, till death do us part." is how I would describe my relationship with ACES. It is the one place, I have given everything for, and the one place which has given me everything.

And this is the relationship which many of us share with our place, or home. A relationship so intricate and a bond so strong , that we never forget.

I would dare to venture and say that now is the time that everyone go back to their place, back to their homes and back to where they once belonged. For they need us, every single one of us.

So... have you gone home yet?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today was ASTRO's turn to Lou Hei (Lao Yu Sheng) for good luck and hoping we do better in stunts and more performances and earn more money!! Also for personal improvement and that can win in partner stunts and whatever competition we might take part in for the year!

Everyone giving a helping hand in preparing the dish and also shouting out words of prosperity and good luck!

Complain so much Salmon in the end also eat finish!

HUAT AH! (Zhao Sheng Gui Zhi, esp for XingWei :) )

So happens that our dear Heidi Tan Rui Ying birthday is this coming Thursday so we decided to give her a little surprise and have a small celebration for her today! Heidi turns 23 this year so all you guys who want to jio her better fast ah!

A failed surprise, she caught me coming up the stairs as she was coming back from the washroom.

Literally birthday extension! (with cake!)

Once again here is wishing Heidi a happy 23rd birthday and may you have many returns and enjoy youth while it lasts! Stay pretty and sexy and attractive and always keep that smile on your face!

Happy Birthday Heidi!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Shingda HUAT! Shingda HUAT!

Hi folks, its been awhile, just a few updates on the performances. Recently we did a performance for Shingda Construction PTE and I can say its was a fantastic experience!

This performance marks the end of our 2 months dry spell where many of us were involved in HO one way or another, and we did manage to ASU in the end, I bet a lot of us were pretty nervous, especially when it came to the dance, haha...I myself was doubtful if I could still dance it properly.

Doing stunt warmups as usual...take this chance to get a few shots of ASTROS in action.

Jia Hui always smile so brightly when doing stunts man!

Seldom you see Kaibin taking stunt photos man.

It was a rare occasion when a performance requires that all 12 of us be present, so we decided to take this chance to take a team photo to update our blog picture! Since all of us are in our uniforms looking so suave and pretty! (not to mention sexy)

Just look @ those abs, the guys faces all round but the girls abs are like washing boards!

I guess the best part was when the Big Boss came out and decided to give us all Ang Pao's (For our overseas friends, A red packet usually contains money, which the elderly or married folk give to us kids or single people for good luck and prosperity)
Group shot with the boss!

He is really a very friendly and humble person, who is very kind...must be good to have a boss like that!

Then comes the food and drinks! Words cannot describe how excited everyone was to have a go at the food, even more excited than getting ang bao or doing performance.

They were asking us to help finish their hard liquor, so much of it man, even spotted some guy going upstairs to get more bottles. Not to mention people getting high and banglas dancing on stage.

Whats Chinese New Year without a YUUUMMMMMMMMM-SENNNNGGG!

Once again we from ASTROS would like to thank Shingda for giving us this chance to perform for them and would like to thank them for a wonderful time and experience!

Thank you! And to all our friends out there! Here's wishing you again a happy and prosperous Chinese New Year!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Another year has gone by and here is wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year in the year of the Rabbit!

May you prosper and may ASTROS get many more performances!