Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Today was ASTRO's turn to Lou Hei (Lao Yu Sheng) for good luck and hoping we do better in stunts and more performances and earn more money!! Also for personal improvement and that can win in partner stunts and whatever competition we might take part in for the year!

Everyone giving a helping hand in preparing the dish and also shouting out words of prosperity and good luck!

Complain so much Salmon in the end also eat finish!

HUAT AH! (Zhao Sheng Gui Zhi, esp for XingWei :) )

So happens that our dear Heidi Tan Rui Ying birthday is this coming Thursday so we decided to give her a little surprise and have a small celebration for her today! Heidi turns 23 this year so all you guys who want to jio her better fast ah!

A failed surprise, she caught me coming up the stairs as she was coming back from the washroom.

Literally birthday extension! (with cake!)

Once again here is wishing Heidi a happy 23rd birthday and may you have many returns and enjoy youth while it lasts! Stay pretty and sexy and attractive and always keep that smile on your face!

Happy Birthday Heidi!

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