Monday, August 9, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond

This blog post is dedicated to all ASTROS member and its affiliates,

I have been thinking long and hard about this sport..all the time..whether or not when I choose my job it was because I had a very strong passion for much so that I decided to join the Teaching Force and be near the team that I have been with for nearly 3 years now..

Maybe it is but heck it I still enjoy my job and best part is I still get to do what I love even after retiring from my Team. I will quote this from one of the co-founder of ASTROS "I still want to continue doing routines even after I graduate..but I dont know where to go" Well this is the answer my dear friend and bro..this is the place where you can set your goals to be beyond any limit which is for you to set.

Just being in this team for a couple of weeks now has encouraged me to achieve greater heights and being a better cheerleader...Always being challenged by my fellow team mates and also by myself to do even better then what I already am. It is really fulfilling to have a team that has the same amount of passion that you do for the sport and it even makes you want to train harder so that you can in turn challenge them to challenge themselves as well.

We just did our second performance yesterday..although we just took one night to practice it but I would say not too bad a show at all..But I dare say give us more time and we will definitely produce more then we ought to because in ASTROS we challenge ourselves to reach even higher then the space where the boundaries are limitless.

I wish to see more cheerleaders to constantly challenge themselves and humble themselves even when they are the best in their team to be even better then they already are to motivate others to better themselves. It is definitely a challenge to always cultivate that into each Cheerleader but it is a challenge I would like to take and pursue and I hope others would comply as well.

Signing off..To never limit your Cheerleading Passion as you never know where it can bring you..


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  1. nice weng~! to astros "senpai" please wait for me to join u all 1 day. =)