Tuesday, October 19, 2010

To improve, you must get out of your comfort zone first

I took the title line right out of the current Captain of ACES's Facebook's status...

Yesterday (18/10/2010) was indeed a great session...At first it was intended to be another training session for Team Astros performance but some of us came to give support to our performing members as always and of course its not Astros without breaking new boundaries every day.

Ever since the team was founded, many have improved...I am particularly proud of my 2 partners in crime Mr. Kerry He (guess credits have to be shared with Miss Liang Huihui) and Mr Lin Kaibin. One is lazy and the other just what you would call it "beh gian" in Singapore slang. But everyday in Astros they strive to improve themselves in their Partner Stunting. After several months of training, I believe I speak for the whole team when I say that they have improved and this is because they got out of their comfort zone after being pushed and annoyed by their team mates countless times to just try doing a simple stunt.

Since I quoted from our dear Captain of ACES Mr. Ooi Wen Liang aka Flying Hawk, I would also like to mention that you have improved a lot. Skill without humility is nothing, I believe Mr. Ooi prove this point to be right. Although it might be a simple stunt to be achieved but none the less still a target must be set in order for us to be be or feel successful.

Everyday we are pushing boundaries, it may be big or it may be small but it is the effort that we put into overcoming this boundary is what counts.

To Infinity and Beyond

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