Tuesday, April 24, 2012

National Cheerleading Championships 2012

Astros Cheerleading Team participated in two categories this year, Partner Stunts (Kerry and Huihui) and Mixed Group Stunts (Kerry, KC, Kahweng, Xinyi, Jia Hui)!

Some photos taken after trainings!

Competition day!

Thank you to all the photographers who shared your photos on facebook!

And also, thank you to everyone who supported and cheered for Astros! We really appreciate it!

Here are our videos!
Astros Partner Stunts

Astros Group Stunts

After competition photos!

Astros extensions!

We didn't manage to hit this stunt during the actuall run, but we made it up later!

The six of us tried to do a 1-1-2! Haha it was fun :P

Did one with Ming hui and Graham too!

CWC 2009 Group Stunts Team.

Stunting with harlis and eric!

Steppers made this for us! So sweet! :D

Astros groupshot :)

We were first runners up! We had the honour of receiving our medals from Mr Yam Ah Mee! Look how happy Kahweng is standing next to Mr Yam :)

Astros Group Stunts 2012 :)

Group shot with the KR Steppers! Thank you steppers for allowing us to train at KR! It was fun training with you guys and we are so proud of you!

Some polaroid memories

See you guys again at the next National Cheerleading Championships!

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